1. 8 by 5 and 3, square 8, Le Village aérien.

    In a great forest in Africa, Max Huber and John Cort find the scientist Dr Johausen, who had done research on anthropoids.

    Find information on anthropoids in central Africa.

    • There is a “Gorillas” page which provides up to date information about gorilas and gives many links to other web sites.

    • There is a very good page of “Gorilla Conservation News”. Given the wars and ethnic conflict occurring in Zaire and Rwanda the future of the remaining wild gorillas looks extremely bleak. A summary of one report includes a note that there are only 650 mountain gorillas left in the world. Another report entitled “The Slaughter of the Apes” noted that 600 hundred gorillas (mountain and lowland) per year were being killed.

    Not much else to say about a very depressing subject.

    Gorilla with young
  2. 6 by 5 and 1, square 14. Redouble the number of points, square 20, Voyages et aventures du capitaine Hatteras.

    After many adventures, captain John Hatteras reaches the North Pole.

    Who was the first man to set foot on the North Pole?

    Information not found in time. Pay a double fine and stay at square 20, Voyages et aventures du capitaine Hatteras.

  3. 8 by 6 and 2, square 28, Vingt Mille Lieues sous les mers.

    Captain Nemo shows Pierre Aronnax an enormous pearl.

    How are pearls formed?

    There are several places on the Internet that give introductory explanations of how Pearls are formed. Two of the better ones are:

    Another resource is the June issue of the National Geographic.

  4. 6 by 4 and 2, square 34, Le Secret de Wilhelm Storitz.

    Wilhelm Storitz makes himself invisible by drinking a potion that changes light rays into other rays, that can pass his body, and then turns these rays into visible light again.

    What is the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, and which rays can pass through a human body?

    An excellent summary of EMR is found on NASA Observatorium Education-Reference Module.

    As to which parts of the spectrum pass through your body the answer is XRays and Gamma Rays.

    Electromagnetic spectrum from radio to gamma rays
  5. 7 by 5 and 2, square 41. Redouble the number of points, square 48, Cinq Semaines en ballon.

    When the Victoria is attacked and damaged by birds, Joe jumps in the Lake Tchad to save his companions. Lake Tchad is one of the biggest lakes in Africa.

    What is its area?

    Look to Library of Congress/Federal research division/country studies. Select the country of Chad and then search for Lake Chad.

    The answer is — the area varies depending on the climatic conditions. Typically 9,800 km2 in the dry season and 25,500 km2 in the wet season. Yearly max varies from 28,000 km2 in 1870 to 12,700 km2 in 1908. recent droughts of late 60’s,early 70’s and mid 80’s have caused the lake to shrink in area.

  6. 8 by 6 and 2, square 56, Robur-le-Conquérant.

    Robur’s helicopter is much more practical than lighter than air airships. One of its advantages is that it can go very fast.

    What is the largest speed obtained by a helicopter?

    I have tried to find which Helicopter has the greatest horizontal velocity, and which has the fastest rate of climb. The manned helicopters I have found are of the military variety — surprise surprise!! — and the summaries provided in the two URL’s glowingly tout their attack capabilities.

    • A Tiger site details a helicopter with a maximum cruising speed of 174 knots and a maximum rate of climb of 11.5 m/sec (690 m/min).

    • An Apache site details a helicopter with a maximum cruising speed of 260 km/hr and a maximum rate of climb of 942m/min.

    • There is also a site detailing an unmanned helicopter that can travel at 200 knots.

    Lots of testosterone in these web sites!!!

    Apache helicopter
  7. 7 by 4 and 3, square 63.

    Chris wins the Noble game of the Voyages extraordinaires.