1. 5 by 4 and 1, square 5. Redouble the number of points, square 10, Les Indes noires.

    In this novel, Jules Verne says that the coal mines will be exhausted in a couple of centuries.

    What are the present-day calculations on this subject?

    • The information is mainly on the page Reserves and production of solid combustibles in the world:

      Zones géographiques Réserves prouvées récupérables(fin 1993) Production 1993 Durée de vie statique
      Gtep % Mtep % Années
      Afrique et Proche-Orient 41,1 7,9 102,7 4,8 400
      Amérique du Nord 122,1 23,5 550 25,8 222
      Amérique latine 6,1 1,2 30,9 1,4 197
      Europe OCDE 42,1 8,1 176 8,3 239
      Europe hors OCDE 150,5 28,9 400,3 18,8 376
      Asie et Océanie 158,3 30,4 873,2 40,9 181
      Total monde 520,2 100 2133,1 100 244
    • See also Energie du charbon plus écologique:

      “Le charbon est à la source de près de 40% de la production d’énergie dans l’Union Européenne et les réserves mondiales sont suffisantes pour deux siècles encore”, fait remarquer un fonctionnaire de la DG XVII (Energie) de la Commission Européenne. (...)

    • Information about the production in the USA.

  2. 2 by 1 and 1, square 12, Le Pilote du Danube. Meeting with Ross and Dana, who go to square 10. Met by Dana and Mario. Pay a simple fine and go to square 7, Sans dessus dessous.

    J.-T. Maston calculates where the giant cannion must be built. This secret location X turns out to be the Kilimandjaro.

    Find the exact location and the altitude of this mountain.

    • When you take the meridian of Greenwich (from a map of Tanzania):

      37.37 Longitude E, 3.05 Latitude S

      Map of the Kilimandjaro region
    • When you take the meridian of Paris, as in Jules Verne’s time (with a page on Geometry application):

      35.04 Longitude E, 3.05 Latitude S

  3. 5 by 4 and 1, square 12, Le Pilote du Danube. Meeting with Dana and Mario, who go to square 7.

    Ilia Brusch drifts down the Danube and fishes for his food supply.

    Find species of fish that live in the Danube.

    Map of the Danube region
  4. 8 by 5 and 3, square 20, Voyages et aventures du capitaine Hatteras.

    During a winter in the arctic ice, captain John Ross had caught a number of white foxes, given them a necklace with his name and position, and released them. Quite some years later, captain Hatteras finds one of these foxes.

    Find information on the the voyages of captain John Ross.

    Not much on John Ross, but more on his nephew James Clark Ross.

  5. 3 by 2 and 1, square 23. Redouble the number of points, square 26, Autour de la Lune.

    Barbicane, Nicholl and Ardan discuss the possible existence of life on the moon.

    Find scientific arguments pro or contra the existence of lunar life forms.

    • About the Apollo project (Spacelink — New on the Moon):

      Is There Life On The Moon?

      Despite careful searching, neither living organisms nor fossil life have been found in any lunar samples. The lunar rocks were so barren of life that the quarantine period for returned astronauts was dropped after the third Apollo landing.

      The Moon has no water of any kind, either free or chemically combined in the rocks. Water is a substance that is necessary for life, and it is therefore unlikely that life could ever have originated on the Moon. Furthermore, lunar rocks contain only tiny amounts of the carbon and carbon compounds out of which life is built, and most of this carbon is not native to the Moon but is brought to the lunar surface in meteorites and as atoms out of the Sun.

    • Declaration of Principles Concerning Activities Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

  6. 10 by 5 and 5, square 36. Redouble the number of points, square 46, Le Chemin de France.

    The Keller family had fled from France because of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

    What were the contents of this Edict?

  7. 3 by 2 and 1, square 49, Claudius Bombarnac. Meeting with Zvi and Boz, who go to square 46.

    One of the travellers that Claudius Bombarnac meets on his railway journey, is Pan-Chao, a Chinese philosopher.

    Find information on Chinese philosophy.