1. 7 by 6 and 1, square 7, Sans dessus dessous.

    For his calculations, J.-T. Maston has to know the radius and the mass of the Earth.

    Find these quantities.

    At the site Planetary Data Sheets:

    The planet Earth

    Earth, bulk parameters

    Mass (1024 Kg)5.975
    Equatorial radius (Km)6378
    Polar radius (Km)6356
    Core radius (Km)3485
    Mean density (Kg/m3)5520
    Surface gravity (m/s2)9.78
    Escape velocity (Km/s)11.186
    Visual geometric albedo0.38
    Visual magnitude V(1,0)–3.86
    Solar irradiance (W/m2)1380
    Black-body temperature (K)248
    Topographic range (Km)20
    Moment of inertia0.3308
  2. 5 by 3 and 2, square 12, Le Pilote du Danube. Meeting with Aline and Gilles, who go to square 7.

    The story of Serge Ladko takes place during the Bulgarian revolt against Turkey in 1876.

    Find information on this revolt.

  3. Met by Gilles and Aline. Pay a simple fine and go to square 7, Sans dessus dessous. 6 by 3 and 3, square 13, Le Rayon vert.

    Helena Campbell is rescued by Oliver Sinclair when she is surprised by the flood in Fingal’s Cave.

    Find information on Fingal’s cave.

    A site on Fingal’s Cave.

    Photo of Fingal’s Cave
  4. 4 by 2 and 2, square 17, Famille-sans-nom.

    The final scene of this novel takes place at the Niagara.

    What is the height of these falls?

    At the site Quick Facts About the Falls:

    American FallsHorseshoe (or “Canadian”) Falls
    Height190 ft (58m)185 ft (56m)
    Width1060 ft (320m)2200 ft (675m)
    Volume of flow10% of total90% of total
    Photo of the Niagara Falls
  5. 4 by 3 and 1, square 21, Clovis Dardentor.

    Marcel Lornans and Jean Taconnat want to be adopted by the rich Clovis Dardentor. The Code Civil says that this is possible only if they save his life.

    Find a law text that deals with adoption.

  6. 4 by 3 and 1, square 25, Seconde Patrie.

    This novel goes on where Wyss’ The Swiss family Robinson stops.

    Find information on this novel of the Swiss clergyman.

    The Swiss Family Robinson, in an English translation.

  7. 3 by 2 and 1, square 28, Vingt Mille Lieues sous les mers.

    At the end of the novel, when Aronnax, Conseil and Ned Land try to escape, the Nautilus is taken by the Maelström.

    Find information on the Maelström.

    At the site Lonely Planet – Destination Norway, there is a piece of text about the village Å:

    This fishing village on the Lofoten island of Moskenes is intriguingly named and well-preserved. It boasts a shoreline of red rorbu, plenty of cod drying on racks, and postcard-perfect scenes at every turn. Many of the village’s buildings have been set aside as the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, complete with old boats and boathouses, a period bakery, storehouses and so on. Nearby is Moskenesstraumen, a maelstrom with a mighty whirlpool which inspired tales by Jules Verne and Edgar Allan Poe.