1. 9 by 5 and 4, square 53, Aventures de trois Russes et de trois Anglais.

    The expedition of colonel Everest and Mathieu Strux travels from South Africa to the Zambesi in order to measure the 24th meridian. They make use of trigonometry.

    Find information on trigonometry.

  2. 12 by 6 and 6. Square 63 past, square 61, Les Enfants du capitaine Grant.

    In Australia, Lord Glenarvan and his companions travel through a forest of eucalyptos. Paganel explains that this name means ‘I cover well’, but that the leaves of these trees, on the contrary, turn themselves parallel to the sunrays.

    Find information on the eucalyptos.

  3. 9 by 6 and 3. Square 63 past, square 56, Robur-le-Conquérant.

    The Albatross is in great danger when he is taken by a storm and driven towards the volcanoes Erebus and Terror.

    Find information on these two volcanoes.

  4. 6 by 3 and 3, square 62, Un capitaine de quinze ans.

    Mrs. Weldon has a little hope that Dr. Livingstone may meet her in Kazondé, and rescue her from the slave hunters.

    In what years and in what countries did Dr. Livingstone make his journeys in Africa?

    Portrait of David Livingstone
  5. 9 by 6 and 3. Square 63 past, square 55, L’Etoile du Sud.

    Cyprien Méré tries to make an artificial diamond, in order to be able to marry Alice Watkins. Nowadays it is possible to make diamond.

    Find information on the artificial production of diamond.

    Here are some pages on Artificial diamonds:

    Production of diamonds
  6. 7 by 4 and 3, square 62, Un Capitaine de quinze ans.

    Dick Sand and his friends pass a night in a termit hill, which is large enough to contain so many people.

    What height can these hills reach?

    • At the site Safari Brothers:

      Termite mounds can grow as tall as 30 feet, towering above the otherwise flat landscape.

    • At the site Around the world in 14 days:

      Built over periods of time reaching a century, some of these mounds of hardered dirt were larger than many Sowetan homes. Most were cones a bit taller than a human, but they were everywhere, usually spaced 50 to 100 feet apart, sometimes closer.

    A termite mound
  7. 7 by 5 and 2. Square 63 past, square 57, La Chasse au Météore. Meeting with Ross and Dana, who go to square 62.

    This novel was published in 1908. In the same year, an enormous meteorite fell on the earth in Siberia. It exploded in the air, destroying entire forests far away from the centre of explosion.

    Find information on this meteorite.