1. 5 by 4 and 1, square 5. Redouble the number of points, square 10, Les Indes Noires. Meeting with Jean-Michel, who pays a single fine and goes back to start.

    Jack Ryan, the artist in this novel, personalizes Jules Verne’s feelings for Scotland. Playing the bagpipe, Jack sings ancient Scottish songs, about the fiery women or about the lovely Scottish lakes with their charming legends.

    Find the lyrics and, if possible, the music of an old Scottish ballad.

    Celtic motive

    A nice web page dedicated to an old Scotish ballad is The Tam Lin Pages, described as follows:

    These pages started out as an attempt to compare Tam Lin, a traditional Scottish ballad dealing with love and faeries, to other tales wich shared similarities of theme or tone. Then other areas of exploration into ballad occured to me, and more pages ensued. If Tam Lin appeals to you as it does to me, I hope that you will find information here to help you know it better.

    These pages are very interesting in their own right. They also have a list of recordings of Tam Lin in music, with few items orderable online from cdworld, cdnow or musicblvd, but no WAV or AU files unfortunately.

    1. O I forbid you, maidens a’,
      That wear gowd on your hair,
      To come or gae by Carterhaugh,
      For young Tam Lin is there.

    2. There’s nane that gaes by Carterhaugh
      But they leave him a wad,
      Either their rings, or green mantles,
      Or else their maidenhead.

  2. Met by Andrew. Pay a single fine and go back to square 7, Sans dessus dessous. 10 by 5 and 5, square 17, Famille-Sans-Nom.

    The episode at the end of the novel, the battle on Navy Island, is based on historical fact, although things did not happen exactly how they are desribed in the novel. A fact is that French Canadians have been murdered by the English on United States soil.

    Find a desription of the events on Navy Island in 1837.

    Information not found in time. Pay a double fine and stay at square 17, Famille-Sans-Nom.

  3. Met by Jean-Michel. Pay a single fine and go back to square 10, Les Indes Noires.

  4. 9 by 5 and 4, square 19, Un billet de loterie (The Hotel). Pay a double fine and stay two turns without playing.

    Mrs Hansen and her children have a hotel in the village of Dal, in Telemark, Norway.

    Find information on at least one hotel in Telemark.

    The Australian ‘Fastnet’ advertises several hotels in Telemark:

  5. Stay at square 19, Un billet de loterie (The Hotel).