Jules Verne is one of the most translated authors worldwide. His works have been published in almost a hundred languages, from English and Spanish to Maori and Greenlandic.

On these pages you can find an overview of the titles of Jules Verne’s works in translation. You can:

I collected this information from various sources: online catalogues of libraries and bookshops, bibliographies, and the kind cooperation of friends, librarians and Verne fans worldwide, to whom I am very grateful for their contributions.

I do not give any information on editions, years of publication, or other details. This would be beyond the scope of these pages, and moreover these details can often not be found in the sources I consulted.

I am not a linguist, and of the majority of languages listed here I know no more than I needed to identify the titles and to write them correctly. I also had to make several decisions on whether or not to treat languages as identical. I have treated these issues to the best of my knowledge, but I can’t rule out misunderstandings.

Obviously, this list isn’t complete, and probably it never will be. Still, I would like to include as many titles as possible. If you know of a title that isn’t mentioned on these pages, I would be happy if you sent me an email. Also, if you find an error on this page, I would be glad to hear about it.

There are several foreign titles that I found mentioned, but that I can’t recognize. For some titles I could make an educated guess, but I’d rather be sure. You can have a look at these unidentified titles. If you know what story one of these titles refers to, I kindly ask you to let me know.