Here are some short songs or poems occurring in Verne’s works, mostly as comic relief.

Oncle Robinson

A short song, sung by a very happy Flip as Mr. Clifton announces that he has some tinder in his pocket.

Il a de l’amadou,
Le brave, le digne homme
C’est à devenir fou !
Il a de l’amadou !

Un capitaine de quinze ans

At the end of vol. 2, ch. 7, a chant is sung by the slaves, and its content is given, however not in verse form:

Vous m’avez renvoyé à la côte, mais, quand je serai mort, je n’aurai plus de joug, et je reviendrai vous tuer !


Maître Nick, mocking Lionel about his “feu follet”:

Allons, gai, compère lutin !
Allons, gai, mon cher voisin…

In vol. 1, ch. 7, sung by Lacasse, a French-Canadian shipper on the St-Lawrence:

En revenant des noces,
J’étas bien fatigué,
À la clare fontane,
J’allas me reposer…


À la clare fontane,
J’allas me promener !

In vol. 1, ch. 11, during the festivities at the Chipogan farm:

Dansons à l’entour,
Dansons à l’entour !

Le Château des Carpathes

In Le Château des Carpathes, there are two Italian stanzas. In ch. 9, La Stilla plays the role of Angelica in the opera Orlando by Arconati. Right after singing the last stanza, she dies.

Innamorata, mio cuore tremante,
Voglio morire …

It seems that the character Angelica, the opera Orlando and its composer Arconati are completely fictional, and La Stilla’s words serve to make her the archetypal Italian singer. This might well be the case as well for the two lines in ch. 10:

Nel giardino de’ mille fiori,
Andiamo, mio cuore …

Mirifiques aventures de Maître Antifer

A short, silly song, sung by Antifer when he has obtained the longitude that will allow him to go fetch his millions (vol. 1, ch. 8).

J’ai ma lon…
lon la !
J’ai ma gi…
lon li !
J’ai ma gi… j’ai ma longitude !

In the next chapter, Antifer repeats his song, and his friend Gildas Trégomain joins him in the last line:

Oui… sa gi… Oui sa longitude !…

Finally, in vol. 2, ch. 15, Trégomain repeats the same song once more with a slight variation:

J’ai la lon…
lon la !
J’ai la gi…
lon li !
J’ai la gi… j’ai la longitude !