Here is a quiz to test your knowledge of Jules Verne and his works.

There are 100 questions in total, divided into three categories. You can choose to play only one category, or all questions at the same time.

For each question, a score from 0 to 1 point is awarded. There are three types of question:

  1. Questions with one correct answer

    The possible answers are shown with radio buttons; you can enter only one answer to such a question.


    What was Jules Verne’s nationality?

  2. Questions with (possibly) multiple correct answers

    One or more of the given answers are correct. The answers are shown with checkboxes; you can check as many answers as you like. Points are subtracted for incorrect answers.


    Which of the following novels were written by Jules Verne?

  3. Matching questions

    For these questions, you have to match pairs by selecting the appropriate matching element from a pulldown menu.


    Match these heroes with their love interests: