1. In which year was Jules Verne born?
  2. And on which day?
  3. Who of the following is (are) sister(s) of Jules Verne?
  4. Which of the following authors did Jules Verne ever say he admired?
  5. Jules Verne was a member of …
  6. In which year did Jules Verne pass away?
  7. What did Jules Verne study?
  8. Which of the following countries did Jules Verne never visit?
  9. In which of the following localities has Jules Verne lived?
  10. How many children did Jules Verne have?
  11. On which of the following jobs was Jules Verne working?
  12. With whom of these personalities did Jules Verne correspond?
  13. Caroline Tronson was …
  14. What was the relationship between these people and Jules Verne?
  15. Which of these languages did Jules Verne master?
  16. When was Jules Verne elected in the City Council of Amiens?
  17. Which building(s) did Jules Verne inaugurate?
  18. What was Jules Verne’s second name?
  19. What was the profession of Jules Verne’s father?
  20. According to a tenacious legend, Jules Verne was in reality …
  21. What was the name of Jules Verne’s yacht?
  22. Why did Jules Verne’s wife not participate in the ball he gave in 1877?
  23. In 1886, which of the following events did not take place?
  24. In April 1867, Jules Verne visited Niagara Falls. He was with :
  25. Which of these means of transport has Jules Verne ever used himself?