1. Which Jules Verne novel was the first to be made into a film?
  2. Who were the founders of the Société Jules Verne?
  3. Which of these does really exist?
  4. Match these actors with the role they played:
  5. How long did these people take to circumnavigate the world?
  6. Which of these stories inspired an operette by Jacques Offenbach?
  7. Which of these authors has (have) said to admire Jules Verne’s work?
  8. Where is the Musée Jules Verne located?
  9. Which of these countries issued stamps commemorating Jules Verne?
  10. Which famous European actor appeared in three Hollywood Verne films?
  11. Which actor played the first talking Captain Nemo in a Hollywood movie?
  12. What was the generic title of the series of novels by Paul d’Ivoi?
  13. Which company in the following list never used Jules Verne to make commercial ads?
  14. In which year was each of these biographies published?
  15. Which of these films won one or more Oscars?
  16. Which characters appear in various paintings by Paul Delvaux?