1. Which of the following did Jules Verne not write?
  2. In which year were the following stories first published as a volume?
  3. What was Jules Verne’s first novel published under the series title Voyages extraordinaires?
  4. Who is this? Engraving of a tall, thin man, wearing travelling boots, with a spyglass hanging over his shoulder and glasses on his forehead
  5. Which of the following novels do(es) take place in only one country?
  6. Which of the following novels gave rise to a legal process?
  7. Which of the following novels is (are) about a journey around the world?
  8. Which novel has the largest number of chapters?
  9. Which of the following novels feature(s) a gang of pirates?
  10. Match the following quotes with the characters:
  11. Which novel(s) feature(s) J.-T. Maston?
  12. Which story did Jules Verne write first?
  13. Which of the following novels was (were) (co)written by André Laurie?
  14. Which of the following novels mention(s) another Verne novel?
  15. What is the largest depth reached by the Nautilus?
  16. Phileas Fogg left London on Wednesday 2 October, at 20.45. When did he return in London?
  17. Who made this illustration? Engraving of a rocky landscape with a group of men in slightly dishevelled clothes, one of whom holds a small phial which the others look at in awe
  18. In La Jangada, what is the cypher to Ortega’s message?
  19. Match the following captains with their ships:
  20. What is the novel Le Testament d’un excentrique based on?
  21. To which novel is Seconde Patrie a sequel?
  22. In Le Château des Carpathes, what were La Stilla’s last words?
  23. Match the following scientists with their field of study:
  24. Combine the stories that take place in the same sea:
  25. Which of these characters is European?
  26. Which of these rivers take(s) an important part in a novel of Jules Verne?
  27. In which order are these places visited by Dr Fergusson?
  28. Which of these characters do not appear in the original (non-adapted) texts of Jules Verne?
  29. Combine these rivals:
  30. Match these characters with the pseudonyms they used:
  31. In Le Superbe Orénoque, which tributaries could be the Orinoco itself, according to Felipe and Varinas?
  32. In which of these novels did Jules Verne include a poem?
  33. Which of these short stories was not included in the series Voyages extraordinaires?
  34. Which of these novels is not (partially) set in Africa?
  35. In which of these novels in an inheritance important for the action?
  36. Combine these preliminary titles with the eventual ones:
  37. From which novel is this image? Engraving of a giant projectile decorated with American flags
  38. Combine the titles of these novels with the corresponding subtitles:
  39. In which story did Jules Verne want to promote Esperanto?
  40. How many trilogies of separate novels are there in the Voyages extraordinaires?
  41. One of Jules Verne’s novels was published as Les Naufragés du Jonathan in 1909. However, this version was heavily changed by Michel Verne. Under which title was the original version published in 1987?
  42. In which of these novels appeared a preface by the author?
  43. Which of these are historical novels?
  44. Which of these novels was (were) dedicated by Jules Verne?
  45. In which of Jules Verne’s novels appear these engineers?
  46. Who were the masters of these dogs?
  47. In which novels are these ships featured?
  48. Which of these novels was (were) (entirely or partly) inspired by Jules Verne’s own journeys?
  49. Which of these stories end(s) with an explosion?
  50. Which cape was rounded by the Pilgrim, but not by the Nautilus?
  51. In which of these novels is a balloon important for the action?
  52. Combine the characters with the same job:
  53. In which novel(s) appear(s) one or more submarines?
  54. Which novel is a sequel to Edgar Allen Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym?
  55. Where does this scene from Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours take place? Engraving of two men seated at a table, with a bottle, two glasses and a pipe
  56. Combine the titles of these short stories with the corresponding subtitles:
  57. Which of the following characters does not appear in Voyage à travers l’impossible?
  58. Which novel was written entirely by Michel Verne?
  59. In which of these novels does the reader visit the Niagara Falls?